Your Costume Is A Big Dill


This is one of the most important pieces to the puzzle so we’re glad you stopped by. The Huntington Peach team had an extensive conversation with Guinness World Book of Records to ensure we knew the exact requirements for an official world record costume. We welcome both bought and homemade costumes, but both must adhere to a few guidelines:

  1. Costume must go above the shoulders and fall below waist

  2. Individual wearing costume must be fully encased (sorry, no cardboard cutouts!)

  3. Costume must be easily recognizable

  4. Costume must have a similar shape to the fruit/vegetable it represents (this means decorated t-shirts will not count - we were pretty bummed about this)


Want to buy your costume?

Fruit and vegetable costumes are actually a lot easier to find and cheaper than you would think! The world of Amazon has helped immensely with finding the right fruit or vegetable outfit to complement the look you’re trying to achieve. Please keep the guidelines above in mind when looking for an outfit.

If you don’t want to search too far click on the links below:


Want to make your costume?

Fantastic! We love that you want to roll up your selves to create a custom costume for the day. Please be sure to keep the guidelines listed above in mind when making your costume.

We also have link with approved DIY costumes you can view for ideas.

And if you’re wanting to err on the safe side just shoot an email to and we’ll check out your design.


Want us to buy your costume for you?

If you want to simply show up to the event without having to worry about purchasing a costume - we got you. Click on the link below and select the “Fruitful” ticket option. Then just show up to the event on June 9th and get ready to walk away from the day as a world record holder.