Peaches Be Crazy

Bound together by the vision of helping critically ill children beat a world record, the three individuals behind the logos listed below formed a pack to ensure this vision becomes a reality.

This project is funded purely by passion, working long hours outside of the regular 9-5 schedule to make things happen.


Danny from The Emovation Project

Danny Hadas is the founder and CEO of The Emovation Project, a company on a mission to create workplaces that work for everyone, where no one is left out. His background is in experience transformation and experience design, making him the perfect complement to Andrea’s place as the visionary. Danny brings more than a decade of operational excellence forged in the trenches of projects serving  brands like Disney, BMW, and AT&T. During his time at Penn State, he was active with THON, the largest student-run philanthropy in the world, benefiting research and care related to pediatric cancer.


Andrea from The Next Fun Thing

Andrea Ramirez  is the visionary behind this event, and she basks in the glory of things that are ridiculous. 1,000 people dressed in fruit and vegetable costumes SCREAMS ridiculous. Soon after conceiving the event, Andrea realized she needed a reason, and Miracles for Kids is her reason. With years of marketing and events expertise, Andrea is applying all of her talents to create an incredible experience for all to enjoy. Her company, The Next Fun Thing, exists to hold events benefiting NPOs, and this will be its first inaugural event as an official business licensed with the State of California.

go startup mode.jpg

Berlyn from Go Startup mode

Berlyn Gallardo is a startup consultant passionate about all things groundbreaking, pivotal, and creative. In the very early stages of the event planning, Berlyn was eager to get on board to do all she could to ensure this event was going to be successful, fun and safe for the families affiliated with Miracles for Kids. Berlyn has a dynamic range of skills in marketing, project management, entrepreneurship, and branding she helps startups and small businesses scale at Go Startup Mode. She’s obsessed with innovating new ways to relentlessly pursue opportunities to help them grow.